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God's Nudge

Hi Everyone

Have you ever felt God's Nudge? Some of us just want to hear God speak directly to us and tell us to do this or don't do that. This Journey we are on call Life can be confusing and hard to figure out. God calls us to listen for his voice. His Still Small voice. Maybe you are trying to decide what direction your life is going in. Maybe you are looking for that special someone and you think just maybe you have found him or her. What ever the case Prayer can change things when we talk, ask and listen to God. He is there all the time. He gives us these nudges that tell us which way we need to go. Sometimes he will nudge us in a direction that we are not comfortable. As in God does not call the qualified; he qualifies the called. Beginning a new adventure for him and being out of the comfort of life's norm is what God is all about. He wants us where we are trusting in him. Take that leap of faith and let the Nudge of God lead you to where God wants you to be. I promise you it will be worth it.


Christian Coach and Speaker

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