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God's Greatness During Life's Challenges

2 Chronicles 14:12-15 So the Lord routed the Cushites before Asa and before Judah, and the Cushites fled Then Asa and the people who were with him pursued them as far as Gera. The Cushites fell until they had no survivors, for they were crushed before the Lord and his army. So the people of Judah carried off a great supply of loot. Then they attached all the cities around Gerar because the terror of the Lord was on them. They also plundered all the cities, since there was a great deal of plunder in them. They also attached the tents of the herdsmen and captured many sheep and camels. They the returned to Jerusaleum.

When has God greatly blessed you through a crisis?

The Judean army under Asa may have pictured something totally different from what the Lord had planned - but it isn't that how God often works? We trust in him for victory from our challenges and battles, but we assume he will follow the plan we laid out. God's victories often come in unexpected ways. When we give the Lord our battles, challenges, and impossible situations, they become his, and he will give us the victories according to his plan on our life. Only after God had finished giving them full victory were they allowed to return to Jerusalem and the safety of their homes. When we face challenges and impossible situations our greatest desire is to stay at home in our familiar surroundings. God wants us to face those battles head on. Its only when we face those challenges and battles head on that we can see just how mighty and strong our God is. When he gives us the victories then and only then can we return home to share the victories God did in our presence. While God gives the victory, he still expects us to march into the battle with him by our side. Depend on God's strength and might as you face each battle or challenge. And when God brings us the victory, let others know about it Share your victories. With your words and by your example, be an encouragement to others as they face their own challenges and battles. God's Got You!


Christian Coach and Speaker

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