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Welcome to Donna Bowen's Christian Coaching and Speaking webpage: Where your talents and the world’s needs cross; there lies your calling! My very own passion project; working with all walks of life. What's Your Journey? Let's Chat!

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God Is Up To Something!

God is up to something that will blow the minds of the people who underestimated you. Stay humble because its not your talent or ability that is make it happen this time. With this next blessing, God is simply showing off and he will prove to your enemies (and you) that he can do what he wants to Just because HE IS GOD!


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Thanksgiving is a time that we come together and celebrate family, love and indulging in the feast that is spread out before us. We cook Turkeys and Ham, Bake pies and cakes. We eat til we are full an

Christian Coach and Speaker

Thank you for your interest in Donna Bowen's Christian Coaching and Speaking Web page. You are here for a reason. What's your Journey?For more information, feel free to reach out to me and let's chat!


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