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God is More Interested in What you are Becoming than What you Accomplish!

You ever wonder if what you are doing in your daily life ever really matters to others? Does what I do help others? Am I able to Reach others and accomplish what I feel God has asked me to do? As I am sitting here writing this post; The title hits me and I realize that God is more interested in what I am becoming than he is what I am accomplishing. God wants to use me but he wants me to become all I can become for him. I can work hard and try to reach as many people as I possibly can but if I am not growing and changing in him I am not accomplishing anything. I can try to reach more people for him but if I am getting discouraged because I don't see his hand in what I am doing then I am failing myself more than I am failing others. I have times where I feel I have done all I can do, I don't see anything changing in the environment that I live and I feel as though I have failed him and what his calling is for me. Then I see the quote God is more Interested in what You are becoming than what you accomplish! IT hits me! He wants me to grow and become more like him then he can move others to see him in Me!. So when you feel as though you are struggling to accomplish things in this life just remember God wants you to become more Christlike everything else will fall into place as you live move and have your being in him.!


Christian Coach and Speaker

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