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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time that we come together and celebrate family, love and indulging in the feast that is spread out before us. We cook Turkeys and Ham, Bake pies and cakes. We eat til we are full and need a nap to help digest the intake of the day. The excitement, family fellowship and just love one another. But do we truly give Thanks. God says to pray without ceasing, as the Apostle Paul taught. With prayer comes Thanksgiving and praise. We need to thank God frequently as we journey though our day. This practice makes praying without ceasing possible. If we are serious about learning and growing in our faith we must learn to pray continuously, the best way to do this is to Thank him in every situation. Thanksgiving is a time to stop and take notice of all the many blessings we have; family, friends, food, good health, love, etc. but we should be Thankful daily talking to God continuously and being attentive to all the blessings that he gives us both known and unknown. What if you received today only the blessings you thanked him for yesterday? What blessings would you have today? Give Thanks God deserves it!


Christian Coach and Speaker

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