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Do you Believe?

Do you truly believe that God is faithful? Our Father God is always right on time, he is never late, never early. Right on Time!. I have wondered sometimes where God is in the struggles and trials of life. God always answers whether it is in the form of Yes, No or Not Now! He says we are to trust in him as he always has the Best Yes waiting just over the hurdle we are crossing. Yes God is Faithful, God is Merciful, God is Gracious and God is always on time. Keep moving forward in your Journey keep taking the steps that he has laid before you to take. One day when all that you are going through comes to a close you will see that God was there the whole time holding your hand and pushing you through to the other side. Hang in there my friend God is Faithful!


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God Is Up To Something!

God is up to something that will blow the minds of the people who underestimated you. Stay humble because its not your talent or ability that is make it happen this time. With this next blessing, God



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